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Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box/Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire Ring Necklacel Gift Storage Box Organizer Mg002 (BROWN)

$ 89.99

Sizable Capacity for Precious Jewelry Organzier
With 3 Easily removable Drawers, 2 Easily Removable Rack on Top Coating
Big Looking Glass on the top, Padlock and also Passkey for Security
* the 3th compartment takes out along with 4 areas while the Fourth with no compartments for storaging a few other large bracelets, watch or jewelry * the designs of the edge open doors are actually distinct, the remaining one has 11 hooks and 1 bottom compartment for swaying locket while the right side with 4 wood splint to secure additional necklaces
trick for secure fastener and smooth plush to shield all your fashion jewelry well!

Product Information Confirmation Gifts For Girls

Product: Hardwood + Velvet Size: 11.8 inch * 8.1 inch * 10.8 in (L * W * H) * top available with a large looking glass for putting on jewelries * 1th coating can be split into 2 huge parts,1 for ring rolls area and the other for beads compartment, each from all of them may be gotten separately by sliding * the 1th drawer(8.27 L * 7.48 W * 1.38 ins) can’t certainly not be actually pulled out, however could possibly storage jewelries through obtaining the 1th coating, that is actually divided into 9 small compartments * the 2th compartment(8.27 L * 7.48 W * 1.38 inches) pulls out along with 6 areas for pins and novelties * the 3th cabinet pulls out along with 4 chambers while the Fourth with no areas for storaging a few other sizable bangles, view or clips * the designs of the edge open doors are actually various, the remaining one possesses 11 hooks as well as 1 base chamber for swaying locket while the best side with 4 timber splint to contain more necklaces secret for secure closure and soft velvet to safeguard all your fashion jewelry properly! Well as well as properly bundle in styrofoam package to defend your thing healthy!