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Mele & Co. Krista Girl’s Musical Ballerina Upright Jewelry Box (Castles/Fairy Princess)

$ 24.49

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MUSICAL MOTION. Plays “March Of The Vegetation” when cover levels.
SPINNING MERMAID LITTLE PRINCESS. Petite figurine rotates beautifully to the song.
NECKLACE SLIDE CAROUSEL STORAGE ROOM. Exemplified compartment along with an 8 hook carousel for chains and also bangles.
3 DRAWERS. Open region drawers offer extra storage space.

Friedman’s Jewelers Product Description

Fancifulness and also think about embellish the Mele & Co. Krista woman’s music ballerina jewelry container. The delightfully embellished lid opens to an interior mirror and also pair of compartments that your little one can easily fill up to her heart’s material. She’ll be astounded as she views the rotating mermaid princess or queen and also pays attention to the cheerful tune of “March from the Flowers”. The music movement calls for no batteries or electric power. Just an easy turn of the winding key on the back of the jewelry carton are going to always keep the figurine and music choosing so long as your ballerina wants. The pendant carousel compartment showcases a magnetic fastener to maintain the door tightly locked. Three compartments permit much more storage as well as allow her organize her products as she simplies. Compartments and also necklace storage room attribute tough vivid silver hue drawer pulls for a touch of sparkle. Pretty and efficient, this ballet dancer music box promises a lot of storage space and also fresh laughs! Dimensions: 9 1/4″ W x 5 1/2″ D x 9″ H.