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Girl Boxes

Girl Boxes – Chinese  Cotton Fille Precious jewelry Boxes utilize a thinner paperboard than UNITE STATES  boxes. They have a tendency to use a thinner cotton also. Plus on Chinese  jewelry boxes the paperboard is not  from recycle material. U.S.A.  Precious jewelry Boxes are all  from 100% recycle material. 75% of which is post customer waste. If you are concerne concerning the setting . In the light of the U.S.A. boxes In the light ofyour choice. Quality wise. The top quality of the paperboard in the U.S.A.  precious jewelry boxes is higher. The paper  use of to cover the jewelry boxes is likewise thicker and also a higher quality on the U.S.A.  boxes.

So U.S.A.  Jewelry Boxes have a thicker paperboard. Use 100% recycle material for the paperboard and utilize a better paper. Are they somewhat more costly? Yes. They are. However remember they represent your item. So you intend to invest the money to represent your product with high quality product packaging.