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Music Jewelry Box

Do you love music? It is a yes for all of us across all age groups. How about a jewelry box with this distinctive feature. The jewelry box, being a unique masterpiece itself, makes you nostalgic for your loved person with the preservation of your precious jewelry.

Here in jewelryboxfactory, we like to surprise our customers with elegant and special gifts just like our music jewelry box. Women are delicate and sensitive to sound. A beautiful soundtrack plays while opening a jewelry box not only make her happy but also reminds her of the person who has gifted it to her.

In short, the smiling face of your loved ones will uplift your mood as well as theirs.

Jewelry Box Factory

We have all that you wish for

As mentioned above, these musical jewelry boxes are available on our website in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some of them are listed below.

  • piano-shaped musical jewelry box

No need for any battery; it is a mechanical song box playing the soundtrack City of skies

  • wooden hand crafted with animal pattern

These boxes are usually made from high-quality wood with distinct patterns liked by children.

  • children’s colorful musical jewelry box

Children love colors, music, and toys like Barbie dolls and dancing dolls. This box is a perfect gift for them. Soft music accompanies as the box opens up. A small mirror is attached inside.

  • Disney-themed musical jewelry box

It also focuses on the Disney characters, and the music is in sync with the design on the box. Usually, teenagers prefer jewelry boxes that are chic in design with the fine print of Disney characters on them.

  • ballet-dancer themed musical jewelry box

The highlight of this box is that it has multiple cabinets, small side drawers, and a ballet dancer doll dancing to the tune of “ Swan pond ”when the box opens.

  • exquisite handmade vintage jewelry box with ballerina music

Girls love ballerina. This box will surely make an impact on them. A combination of soothing music, soft-colored box-like baby pink, and exclusive hand-crafted design on the box make it a perfect gift item.


Jewelryboxfactory not only provides variety in its products but also aims to make the clients’ life blissful. We love our customers. So, we make extra effort to bring a smile to their face. We believe in winning their hearts through our musical jewelry box that can be said to be magical.